Sustainability, safe & ethical sourcing

We need the best raw materials for our food innovations.
We work towards sourcing raw materials that are not only good for the planet, but that also help create high-quality products that taste great.

A policy that cares for the planet

Solina aims for excellence in the way we buy and transport raw materials from around the world, in how they are produced, and in how we transform them into bespoke solutions for our clients. We want our raw materials to be as sustainable as possible. To achieve this we have developed a procurement strategy which rests on 3 pillars:

  • An expertise in raw materials co-developed with suppliers;
  • A robust and fully sustainable sourcing chain;
  • Stable relationships with selected partners and producers.

On the field for sustainable food solutions

We proactively promote organic, clean & clear materials and recyclable packagings. We spend a lot of time in the field, visiting plantations and factories, working with our producers to ensure the best standards: not just for the materials and the environment, but also for farmers and their families.

We are  a member of SSI (Sustainable Spices Initiative)  For seafood sourcing, we also have the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) label, which guarantees sustainable sourcing of fish and seafood materials. This certification means Solina’s products are more ethically-sourced and add real value to our clients' products.


The SSI addresses four key sustainability concerns: traceability; food safety and quality, supply and reputation and social responsibility.  We joined the Sustainable Spices Initiative (SSI)’s community in October 2018, committing ourselves to:

growth in sustainable sourcing in 2021
3 top products
Sustainable sourcing
3 top products min. in 2025
Long-term vision for
a fully sustainable spice production & trade
Marie Cederberg
Solina Group Procurement Category Manager
Working towards these aims is not only a matter of ethics; it is a matter of survival. If we don’t do this now, there will not be any good products to buy in the future. Sustainability standards for food producers will be as common as food standards hygiene is today.

Value sharing for successful sourcing

We carefully select partners who share our values and business attitudes and aim to build long-lasting relationships, based on innovation. Wherever possible, we look to source our materials directly from producers who have a specific know-how and proven capabilities which meet our needs. We also look for producers who are in full control of their supply chains, behave ethically in their procurement operations and are driven by transparency. But don’t just take our word for it. Some of our valued partners have shared their thoughts on why we work so well together.

Mr. Clemens Hanke
President and Owner of SILESIA
Throughout decades of close partnership, Silesia has always made sure to offer Solina their latest developments; Solina and Silesia are both in a position today to pursue a long-term growth strategy. The relationship goes beyond product development. When Solina decides to enter a new market, Silesia is always there to support them with its network and experience.
Alfons van Gulick - Chairman
For more than a decade, Nedspice has been a trusted and reliable partner in the world of spices, supporting Solina’s engagement in sustainability. Both Solina Group and Nedspice are supporting members of SSI (Sustainable Spice Initiative). Nedspice and Solina spice experts are working together all over the world to design and set up a sustainable supply chain and specification, as well as a range of organic products.
Ronald de Wild
Head of Sales Europe & Middle-East
Olam Spices and Solina share a relentless passion for food, agriculture and sustainability. Solina has been part of the first set of customers to use and promote Olam Spices’ fully traceable and sustainable Egyptian onions to their customers throughout Europe. We are happy to work with companies like Solina, who are able to transfer this value onto their customers and finally to the consumers.

A sourcing chain to maintain the highest standards

Solina sourcing teams are based on the trio of R&D, Procurement and Quality teams. This ensures we have the best product, with the best quality, best price and the best supply chain possible, and produced in the best conditions.

  • We work to reduce the number of middlemen, cutting out unnecessary links in the chain to ensure food safety and purity
  • We are committed to combining the volume of our materials as a large group with an efficient via hub organisation, so that we can take our rightful place as a market influencer. 
  • Our deep knowledge of the ingredients market and our permanent watch on the raw materials are part of the service we provide to our clients. With regular newslettesr, we offer a unique view of the upstream market that help them to stay up to date with trend forecasts and fluctuations in the world market for key raw materials.


Solina’s approach to operations highlights how operations
sustains the customer-centric approach and its quality
and safety guarantee. To do this, we have built
our production centres where our clients operate.

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Food Safety and Quality

As far as quality is concerned, Solina’s aim is to
meet and go beyond food safety regulations.
Food safety and quality are a top priority at Solina.
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