Solina is currently piloting an FUI-funded Research & Development project with a consortium of stakeholders to develop food solutions aimed at preventing undernutrition among the elderly in care. The AAaginov project is a worthy example of Solina’s corporate R&D philosophy, with globally-inspired and locally-designed initiatives that deliver solutions offering good food with strong nutritional, functional and organoleptic (taste and visual) properties.

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Culinary meals to combat protein deficiency

Demographic trends show that the population is ageing, both in France and worldwide. Solina’s expertise in food solutions is being applied to one of the key needs of this population: a nutritionally balanced diet. The maxim “you are what you eat” is especially true among elderly people, for whom good food is not only a source of pleasure but essential for maintaining health and autonomy. This is why the poor nutritional status of senior citizens is a particular concern. Research has revealed that 74% of dependent senior citizens have an insufficient intake of proteins, notably exacerbating sarcopenia, a reduction in muscle tissue among older people. The aim of AAginov is therefore to develop solutions that meet the specific sensory and digestive needs of the elderly. Undernutrition, malnutrition and unintentional weight loss in this segment of the population will be addressed through a range of intermediary food products with high nutritional quality, an appetite-stimulating taste and appearance, and a texture that is easy to eat for those who may have difficulty swallowing. Practicality has also been taken into account: the products are easy to use, without unnecessary steps in the preparation process.


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Rethinking food for older generations

The challenge is to rethink food with solutions that are not only innovative and tasty, but help mitigate the health problems linked to nutritional deficiencies in an increasingly ageing population. AAginov aims to offer our senior members of society good and tasty meal solutions that cover their nutrient needs while enhancing the pleasure of consuming good and tasty food, even for those with swallowing problems. These solutions combine gourmet taste with high nutritional quality, thus delivering great organoleptic properties with the nutrient intake necessary for optimum health over the age of 60. The new range of products is directed primordially at chefs and cooks catering in hospitals, retirement homes and care centres, to provide customers with convenient, easy-to-prepare products based on new formulations and sourcing. The resulting product range will be marketed under the brand name of Nutrisis and presents a strong growth driver for Solina subsidiary Cap Traiteur.

Working together to create food innovations

The AAginov project involves a consortium of stakeholders from ingredient supply to the kitchen stove in retirement and care homes. With funding from the Regional Councils of Bretagne and Pays de Loire, as well as the central French government, the process starts by sourcing animal and vegetable proteins from Cooperl AA, Sodiaal Union and Diana Food, with which Solina formulates the new ingredients. G.R.S.A. will be responsible for the logistics of implementing these innovative solutions at the EHPAD elderly dependent rest homes they cater to. This will happen once they have been validated and approved by the University Hospital of Dijon and ESA d’Angers through acceptance testing due to be performed in August 2020, one year before the end of the project. Adria Development and Inra-QuaPA provide the underlying scientific studies of the impact of the extraction process on protein digestibility.

The result is convenient and great-tasting solutions with adapted texture and a specific nutritional profile.