Easy, versatile Picadas are a big hit

Simple, innovative, and super-quick to make, new Picada meat skewers are set to become a must on every popular butcher’s counter. This fresh and appealing new food innovation comes from Jaeger, Solina’s French specialist brand that develops value-adding culinary solutions and services for butchers and caterers under the Cap Traiteur umbrella. Inspired by a visit to Italy, this breakthrough concept hits the spot with a perfect combination of easy production, consumer appeal in all seasons, and endless adaptability in terms of healthy meal recipes and ingredients.

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Picada – a new world of flavours!

Hard-pressed butchers have to work smarter than ever to keep up with today’s demanding consumers. People increasingly want quick, easy meals and lots of options – and that’s where Jaeger and Cap Traiteur come in. We’re butcher specialists with a passion for food, whose clients call us first when they need help with recipes, food preparation methods, labelling, presentation, or other aspect of their business where we can add value. Our dynamic R&D, sales and technical teams are always seeking out fresh ideas for labour-saving products and practical services to make life easier for our butcher clients.

Picada is a skewer of minced meat in different flavours, suitable for sit-down meals, buffets, and snacks. Battered or marinated and easy to prepare on a barbecue, in the oven, or pan-fried, it’s not a seasonal product but generates reliable year-round income. The concept took just six months to develop before hitting the shelves in September 2018, and it ticks all the boxes for a busy butcher. A kit contains everything you need to make your Picadas – including the ingredients – as well as seasonal recipe ideas and marketing tools. Many butchers already own the machine, and now Picada opens up a whole new world of flavour!


A massive success

Solina’s brands are all about helping satisfy new consumer expectations, and our butcher clients are excited about Picada because it’s on-trend in so many ways. Shoppers want food that’s convenient and quick to prepare, fun to serve, suits varied tastes and dietary needs, and makes for convivial eating experiences.

Just three months after Picada launched, enthusiastic French butchers had bought over 400 kits between them through word-of-mouth recommendations! They especially love the mix and variety of recipes, which are always fresh and renewed thanks to Solina’s trend-hacking flavour development teams. A special kids’ line was added to the initial range of recipes, and summer 2019 will see more international flavours and fragrances, such as a Cretan Picada with olives, and a Mexican variety with tacos.

Following this unanticipated degree of success, Solina is keen to develop new features and enable more butchers to benefit. The next obvious step is to export Picada overseas, and some of our sales teams are already eyeing the Nordic market.

With plenty more creative ideas bubbling away – like bigger, faster machines to produce larger batches, and eye-catching display tools to boost sales – we know that Picadas are set to be a  winner.

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