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Running a gastropub or casual snacking/dining operation in today’s competitive market takes a lot of hard work. To help independent restaurateurs save time and promote their businesses, Solina’s foodservice brand Apollo teamed up with Lactalis and Kraft Heinz in Belgium to launch the Bistrology web platform. A roll-out of the concept in The Netherlands is in the pipeline… This dynamic online tool offers day-to-day inspiration and guidance on keeping customers loyal through good, enjoyable food, and a user-friendly marketing dashboard to manage the restaurant’s digital presence without expert skills. Bistrology is aimed at chefs and owners of gastropubs or bistros, snackbars and mid-range restaurants. It helps them meet their marketing and commercial imperatives, while raising the profile of Apollo - Solina Foodservice brand - and its partners, and creating a direct connection with this target audience.


Offering hard-working restaurateurs a valuable service

The Bistrology web platform services its members’ needs in two key areas.

Firstly, it provides lots of inspirational recipe ideas built around Solina’s and its partners’ products, combined with insightful content about consumer trends, up-to-date news, and useful links. This helps the Bistrologists produce tasty, on-trend food that is easy to prepare and appealing to consumers, with good meals costing under €20.

Secondly, Bistrology’s sophisticated marketing tool enables them to optimise the content they post to their Facebook page and Google My Business Page in a simple and time-efficient manner. Today, chefs and restaurateurs don’t always have the specialist skills or time to devote to the promotion of their businesses. With Bistrology, they just need to log into the user zone to take control of their own promotion and content distribution. The way these pages are monitored and managed has a positive influence on search engine optimization (SEO).

Since launching in 2018, the Bistrology platform has been trialled by a first sample of customers. We intend to build on their reactions to this initial tool and design an even more well-tailored version 2.0 in due course that will become a must-have in the sector.


An “add-on” reward to boost demand

Apollo, Lactalis and Kraft Heinz only distribute through wholesalers in Belgium – we have no direct contact with end buyers in restaurants – so we developed Bistrology to reinforce awareness of our brands and drive demand for our products. Ordering from us gives restaurateurs access to the Bistrology platform: a service that makes their lives easier. The boost it gives them in the complex area of online marketing is a big benefit they really appreciate.

For us, Bistrology offers a way to forge relationships with the restaurateur community and foster loyalty. The platform attracts new business and creates a pull effect that strengthens our position among wholesalers with a view to increasing our market share.  The next phase will be a joint online ordering system for the three brands, to streamline the purchasing process. We’ll be promoting the service online and offline in 2019 through a phased lead generation program.

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