A multicultural community of 1700 professionals

Solina’s history is – first and foremost – a story of entrepreneurs who succeeded in sharing their passion. Our business model is founded on internal and external growth, which implies being able to continuously welcome and integrate newcomers from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures.

  • Food is what brings us together.
  • Solina is a vibrant, multicultural community of almost 1700 professionals working in 18 countries.
  • A passionate community about creating food that is good in every sense of the word: delicious, healthy and environmentally friendly. 
  • Diversity is celebrated as a key success factor that helps us come up with crazy ideas. 

Solina is also a company where people can grow together – wherever your sights are set within the food industry,
WHY NOT JOIN our Solina community?

Dynamic and Diverse Teams

People and food – what else matters in life?
Seriously though, at Solina our passion for good food means we love working with people who feel the same. As creative and passionate problem-solvers, we relish taking on our clients’ challenges to devise and deliver the food solutions they need.

Customer-focused mindset

Our approach is based on teamwork, mutual respect, and an open, customer-focused mindset. With such a multicultural workforce, Solina has learned to genuinely value cultural differences and individual authenticity. We foster a positive atmosphere of trust and honesty that motivates us to give our best and empowers us to aim higher.

Also, we take our work seriously but without being too serious. Located on more than 20 family-sized sites, we enjoy getting to know each other through lots of internal or informal events that forge team bonds.

Do you love barbecue? Then join our internal or external contests! 

Growing Teams 

For several decades now, our teams have drawn upon a fusion of taste, texture and nutrition to deliver sensory food experiences to consumers. This success can only be achieved thanks to our passion, creativity and also plenty of expertise and knowledge. We believe that personal development and empowerment combined with our shared energy and enthusiasm will lead to stronger performance. What do we do to foster personal development? Here are just a few of our initiatives: 


SOL’N School

We have designed dedicated Solina Training modules in Management, Project Management and Sales for our employees through our internal Sol’N School programme. The programme simultaneously strengthens team cohesion by bringing people from all the sites together and consolidates our shared skills and values. 


Future Talents

To keep pace with our strong growth, Solina has created a unique European programme delivered by our passionate Solina Experts. This two-year course allows us to integrate and train a new generation of passionate, engaged technical food sales support who masters Solina’s expertise.

International missions logo HR


We promote collaborative networking and international exchanges to optimise learning, lateral thinking and best practice. Short-term missions  from one week to six months or more are possible! Some examples are Corentin’s experience in Turkey or Félix’s experience in Romania.

open collaboration

Open Collaboration
at Solina

We encourage external benchmarks and open collaboration as often as possible. Our teams are involved in several projects: MEATyL@b, an ambitious programme to research and develop next-generation meat substitutes, and the AAginov project which aims to create a range of culinary solutions adapted to the specific needs of the elderly. 


Innovative Teams

Our strength lies in the energy and ideas of our teams and this is how we future-proof our company. Our customers need a forward-looking partner they can trust to keep them abreast of emerging market trends and food industry innovations. We lead the way, always scouting for fresh ideas, networking widely with one finger firmly on the pulse, so we can anticipate where the market’s going and stay a step ahead.

Resourcefulness and creative energy are highly valued at every level of the company. We pride ourselves on our open mindset and out-of-the-box thinking, because “crazy” ideas lie behind some of the most successful innovations. To give you an example of our innovative ingenuity, one of our multidisciplinary collaborations gave rise to our groundbreaking – and award-winning – original concept Chick’n Tin: marinated chicken fillets, a natural and healthy ready-to-use meal solution, in a tin.

We also invest extensive resources in our Future Foods project as we aim to lead the way to good food and better lifestyles. 

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Responsible Teams: Our CSR Approach

At Solina, we are committed to running a sustainable business that makes a meaningful contribution to society. Corporate Social Responsibility is fundamental to our value system and as such, we place workplace wellbeing & safety, business ethics, and environmental, economic & social sustainability at the heart of our decision-making. This is why we develop sustainable projects which mean more to us.

Individual and collective commitments have already been set into motion through our Solina Human Rights Policy and through a diverse range of initiatives such as transitioning from natural gas to Biogas in Sweden; working towards a circular model of waste management in Holland; obtaining ISO certification at several sites; organising fun runs to raise money for charity, and much more.

OUR JOB opportunities

  • Responsable Projets Industriels et Amelioration Continue – poste basé à Rennes (35), CDD de 9 mois
    Fixed term

    Sous la responsabilité du Directeur Stratégie Industrielle et Méthodes Europe du Sud, vous serez en charge du pilotage des projets industriels stratégiques des 5 sites de la zone Europe du Sud (investissements, amélioration des process de production…).

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  • Assistant(e) Commercial(e) - Poste basé à Goussainville (95)

    Pour notre filiale CAP TRAITEUR basée à Goussainville (95), Distributeur de produits culinaires et de Nutrition orale pour les Métiers de Bouche et de Santé, nous recherchons un(e) Assistante commerciale BCT (Bouchers Charcutiers Traiteurs)

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Meet our people

We are a vibrant community of professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures, brought together by a shared passion for the creation and consumption of good food. We take our work seriously but without being too serious. Meet us!