At Solina, we give you more for less with no compromise on quality or flavour. Our product offerings align with consumer food trends to help our clients meet the demands of an ever-changing market. We are innovating by rethinking food to bring you turnkey solutions which offer the perfect balance between yield and quality.

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Quality, taste, texture and yield optimization

Today’s consumer has an appetite for variety. The world is our oyster and as such, textures and flavours have travelled to new and unexpected places in record time. To keep abreast of the ever-changing consumer landscape, our clients in the food service, food industry and butchery sectors need not only innovative solutions but also excellent quality and impressive yields. This balance makes all the difference to their bottom line and has a major impact on their positioning in the market.

Solina draws on nutritional, taste and visual, and functional expertise to create high quality products through a variety of innovative approaches. Our R&D and technical teams are committed to meeting our clients’ expectations by creating customised solutions with just the right yield/quality ratios. With a background in the industrial environment of our client, a deep knowledge of their processing technologies, our teams take the specific needs, requirements and environment of each client and each manufacturing process into consideration to set up a solution and achieve expected yield. Our technical expertise allows us to help improve efficiency and drive growth for our clients.

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YIELDex is a range of brine supplement based on a new blend of highly functional ingredients and selected flavourings. It is available for both raw meat and cooked meat products and it ensures optimal yield, tenderness, texture and excellent taste. The blends that make up this clean label product range are completely free from additives.
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YIELDex : a clean label alternative to food additives

YIELDex is another Solina meat solution that offers a clean label alternative to food additives. It is a range of brine supplement based on a new blend of highly functional ingredients and selected flavourings. It is available for both raw meat and cooked meat products and it ensures optimal yield, tenderness, texture and excellent taste. The range includes blends for raw pork meat and chicken products as well as blends for cooked pork, chicken and minced red meat products.

As well as improving yield, YIELDex brings with it a range of benefits. The blends that make up this clean label product range are completely free from additives. The YIELDex range has no additional food allergens and is effective in improving texture and juiciness in both raw and cooked meat products.

Download our product presentation for more information on this clean label solution.


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The added value of our customised concept-based solutions relies on our decentralised approach to R&D. We are committed to keeping up with both the evolution of local tastes and the latest developments in global food innovation.

Co-working with our clients

  • CH&Co

    Solina UK invests in training young chefs and providing them with the best products through their brand Essential Cuisine. Solina has partnered with CH&Co to develop a 12 month training academy to help new chefs develop their skills for the future.

  • Chick'n Tin

    Solina developed turnkey food concepts Chick’n Tin. The concept illustrates how Solina works with long-standing clients to keep them at the forefront of the food industry. Chick’n Tin, a new concept, immediately appealed to our client Contimax.

  • Meny

    More convenience at the deli counter for Meny.  Solina Denmark partners with retail chain Meny to develop exciting convenience food solutions and boost the appeal of their meat and deli products to bring a fresh and appealing offer to customers.

  • Cris-Tim

    Cris-Tim becomes a market pioneer with new Clean label solutions. Cris-Tim called on Solina to help them develop clean label healthy meat products. The changes they made transformed not just their products, but also their sales, making them market innovators.