Solina is a forward-looking service company that leads the way in developing and supplying sustainable food solutions for the savoury food industry. With vegetarianism and veganism on the rise – and even carnivores keen to cut down on their meat intake, we’re capitalising on our strong background and expertise in ingredients, taste and functionality to meet this demand. Solina invests significantly in developing vegetarian food products and alternative sources of protein, forwarding innovation through cutting-edge R&D and granular market intelligence. This proactive approach is vital for our clients in the food industry and food service sectors, who need bespoke plant-based applications that don’t compromise on taste and texture.

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Channelling our butchers’ protein expertise

Our in-depth knowledge of meat-based proteins and our understanding of food science allow us to master the technology of developing alternative proteins. Solina is famed for its functional, taste and visual, and nutritional expertise, thanks to the passion for great food that its chefs, butchers, flavourists, and food engineers bring to their work. By applying this know-how to vegetarian applications, we can replicate the same sensory experiences that animal proteins provide. Our unique combination of skillsets means that unlike others in the Textured Vegetable Proteins (TVP) market, we offer solutions with mouthfeel, colour, juiciness, and chewiness that even the most avid meat-eaters will enjoy. 

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Future Food – Innovating with “new” protein foods

Right across Western culture, eco-conscious consumers are waking up to environmental, health, security and animal welfare concerns, and this awareness is driving the trend towards more sustainable and wholesome food. Being vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian is entering the mainstream, and increasing numbers of people want to reduce their meat consumption. As ever, Solina takes a proactive approach and helps its clients stay ahead of the curve.

We set up Future Food as a group-wide programme to rethink food, channelling the key research into alternative protein sources and developing the food of the future. Future Food focuses on developing protein-rich foods derived from non-livestock sources, to provide delicious, affordable and nutritionally balanced meat substitutes for all kinds of dishes and recipes.. Solina offers its food industry clients customised, versatile and affordable plant-based solutions that modern consumers will love. We’re also working on complete vegetarian product concepts for the Food Service and Butchery sectors. Our plant-derived applications span a wide portfolio, including dairy-based substrates like Dairy Delight, traditional dry TVP, and vegan meat substitutes using wet extrusion techniques or seitan, made from the main protein found in wheat.

Veggie solutions tailored to your market

Future Food is Solina’s way of ensuring that we and our clients are future-ready. Building on our extensive knowledge of proteins and our lineage of butchers and chefs, Solina’s food technologists have developed an extensive range of culinary solutions ranging from completely vegetarian or vegan to hybrid and meat-reduced products. We have the technology to create mouth-watering non-meat versions of classics like sausages, burgers, nuggets, rillettes, and cold cuts, as well as an array of plant-based snacks, sauces, spreads, dressings and more. The sensory experiences we can help you provide through these innovative products are so satisfying that consumers may well prefer them to meat for their flavour alone.

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