As chefs and flavourists with a long culinary heritage, we’re passionate about designing great taste experiences and have built up unparalleled expertise in aromatic seasonings and coatingsOur food industry experts watch the market closely to identify opportunities and help clients create value by suggesting trend-led innovative directions to develop tomorrow’s top selling snacks.

Drawing on our extensive understanding of savoury food ingredients and manufacturing technology, we collaborate closely with our clients to come up with customised and adapted solutions that match their specifications and satisfy consumers’ expectations for excitement and surprise.

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Operational support and a flair for flavour

Solina is strongly positioned in the European snacks sector, boasting a network of five production sites and four development centres extending from France to Estonia and Turkey. Thanks to this network, Solina is close to its European clients, and is immersed in local flavours and taste preferences. It also enables us to guarantee our clients supply continuity and impressively fast reaction times.

With a strong entrepreneurial and customer-focused heritage, we are more than just a supplier, but a real partner. Solina’s goal is to create value for its clients by developing customised solutions for all types of snacks, with seasonings tailored exclusively to the client’s own specifications and costing targets. The unrivalled combination of skillsets of our multicultural and multigenerational team enables us to optimise seasoning recipes and powder handling on our clients’ products.

Our production facilities are adapted to offer optimised powder flowability for snack seasonings, and flexibility in batch sizes from 25 to 2,500 kgs.

Customised formulations for any snack application

Solina’s food technologists develop bespoke seasonings and coatings for all types of savoury snacks (crisps, tortillas, popped chips, pellets, extruded snacks, nuts, seeds, crackers) using specific application systems (dust on, slurry, coating, in dough) – and on top of that, we can handle any kind of base, whether vegetable, pulse, potato or cereal, and even meat or fish. Whatever flavour you want, whatever new trend you want to satisfy, our team of skilled chefs and flavourists will find a formulation that’s a perfect fit with the taste profile you’re looking for. We also offer expertise in salt and sugar reduction, high protein formulations based on “smart” carriers, clean label taste enhancement, and organic ingredients. We can source spices from specific geographical origins and are members of the Sustainable Spices Initiative (SSI).

List of capabilities :
Popped chips
Extruded snacks
High protein formulations
Salt/sugar reduction
Dust on
In dough
Any kind of base (potato, vegetable, pulse...)
Trend-led solutions

With demand growing for healthy food and adventurous, multicultural flavours, it’s more important than ever for manufacturers to keep up with consumers’ fast-changing expectations.

Solina’s permanent trend watch helps clients stay on top of the latest market developments and their competitors’ activity, so they can be first to launch the new concepts, new formats, and new products people will want next. We run food safaris and creative culinary workshops for clients with our Michelin-starred chef to explore new flavour associations and rethink snacks. To satisfy the millennial appetite for vegetarian and vegan snacks, we’re widening the choice of substrates by developing tasty nibbles based on pulses and vegetables.

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