Solina’s multicultural community of chefs, flavourists, and food technologists is united by a passion for the creation and consumption of great food. Thanks to our strong culinary heritage and our understanding of ingredients, techniques, and flavours, we’re on to every new trend, identifying market opportunities for our clients and helping create sensory food experiences with tasty new products and innovative concepts. Solina helps generate value for food industry clients in the ready meal sector through a comprehensive range of customised services, from turnkey solutions for specific applications, to operational support with processes, sourcing and labelling.

Ready meals

A culinary expertise

We develop bespoke and trend-led ready-to-use solutions for manufacturers of prepared meals, working hand in hand with our clients to optimise the taste profile, texture, visual appearance, nutritional value, and shelf life of the final product. Our multidisciplinary teams combine dynamic culinary creativity and forward-thinking R&D with a sound understanding of manufacturing processes, so we can meet any challenge clients come to us with. Solina also supplies flavouring formulations to season all types of products, from ready meals and soups to pizzas, salads and spreads.

We consider ourselves a partner taking a truly client-centric approach. Our goal is to understand, anticipate and address the issues faced by our clients, and together devise cost-effective solutions that meet their requirements in terms of taste, technical specifications, and yields. Ease of manufacture is another key consideration. We guarantee authentic flavours that bring satisfaction and sensorial pleasure to the final consumer.

Solutions and services for the ready-meal sector

Solina delivers the taste and texture solutions clients need, adapted to their product and processing technology (fresh, ultra-fresh, chilled, etc). Our aromatic compositions cover the entire spectrum of powder, paste and liquid forms, from cook-up or cold binding sauces for prepared meals, sauces and marinades and rubs for meat or fish. Alongside comprehensive expertise in formulation issues such as salt reduction and clean labelling, our teams offer a full spectrum of corollary services like support with trend forecasting, allergen food labelling and marketing.

List of capabilities :
Powder blends
Cook-up sauces
Cold binding sauces
Sauce bases
Driving forward creativity and innovation

We’re constantly driving forward creativity and innovation by seeking out emerging food trends, exploring new flavours and formats, interesting ingredients, or fresh culinary techniques… Solina’s trend hackers lead the way on rethinking food and designing differentiated, trend-led products with strong consumer appeal. Our teams run hands-on culinary workshops for clients with our Michelin-starred chef partner, and take them on food safaris to check out hot trends on the global food scene.

With convenience, health, animal welfare, ethical concerns, and a taste for authentic homemade street food rising up the foodie agenda, Solina helps clients meet these expectations. We channel flavours from world cuisine, source eco-labelled ingredients, research meat alternatives and “new” proteins, develop seasonings and stocks for great taste fermented and frozen foods, invent easy-to-use formats – and our customised approach gives us the flexibility to collaborate with your company in whatever way suits you best.