Unparalleled functional expertise in meat and fish processing

The Solina group is founded on a solid heritage in the butchery and meat processing industry. Our teams across Europe have unparalleled functional expertise in meat and fish processing, as well as in-depth knowledge of functional ingredients. With our customised approach, Solina’s creative R&D brings clients turnkey solutions for providing good meat and fish products.

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Technical know-how

We know exactly how to cut, process cure, preserve, and season meat. With our unrivalled know-how in the culinary and aromatic sectors, our food technologists can perfect taste and visual aspects like colour and texture, while optimising stability and shelf life.

With 50 meat specialists in our R&D teams and technical sales teams coming from the meat industry, we offer comprehensive local support. We help clients develop customised ingredient compounds adapted to their specific market, and formulate industrial solutions with an eye on their target yields.

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Regulatory and trend monitoring

We understand the challenges of the meat and fish industry better than anyone else. Solina nurtures industry-wide information networks.

  • In the highly technical meat industry, our up-to-date understanding of Europe’s stringent regulatory frameworks means that clients trust us to handle all aspects of regulation, right down to assisting them with labelling.
  • Our trend hackers identify opportunities within the emerging trends in food – healthier diets, ethical/animal welfare concerns, vegetarianism, plant-based proteins/new flavours and ingredients – to develop the tastes and products consumers will want tomorrow and for the next barbecue season.


Fields of expertise

With a 360° understanding of the meat and fish processing industry, Solina offers services from macro down to micro level:

  • We can help with analysis and strategic thinking,
  • We provide operational support to improve finished products,
  • We optimise cost-effectiveness,
  • We meet specifications (Halal, clean label, allergen free, low salt, etc),
  • We deliver turnkey solutions for all meat, poultry or fish applications.


Capabilities :
Reducing (salt, fat...)
Yield improving
Taste boosting


Solution concepts for Meat and Fish

We’ve devised a broad spectrum of applications for fresh and cooked meat and fish products. These include texture, stability and yield improvers, alongside solutions to improve shelf life, preservation, and colour stability.

Our clients produce charcuterie, pâté, fresh sausages, cooked meats, ready-prepared skewers and much more besides, so there’s nothing we don’t know about the processes involved.

Preserving, fermenting, dry curing, emulsifying, colouring, curing, stabilising, taste boosting… Discover some of our turnkey solutions.