Spicing up with Get Tasted Grill Season

Solina’s R&D experts work proactively as a close partner to our clients in order to help them satisfy consumers’ interest in all forms, shapes and varieties of street food, with its vibrant array of inspirational dishes from world cuisines. The ‘Get Tasted Grill Season’ offers a selection of popular smoky and ‘piquant’ hot seasonings that are an ideal and popular complement to a wide array of foods, including barbecued meats and sausages.

What is GET TASTED “Grill Safari’?

  • Seasonings, spices and marinades for ready meals, meat, barbecues, vegetables, salads,
  • A complete set of on-trend recipes inspired by cuisines from Africa, Indonesia, Japan, Pakistan, the Caribbean or Hawaii, and more.

GET TASTED for your specific product?


Smoky and hot seasonings

  • Berbere (Ethiopia) : taste of strong chili, peppers, cloves, allspice and coriander
  • Bulgogi (Korea) : taste of onion, soy and garlic
  • Satay (Thailand) : taste of peanut with a twist of tomato, garlic and onion
  • Shawarma (Israël) : taste of cumin, onion and tomato
  • Tabouleh (Lebanon) : tomato, peppers and a prominent taste of mint
  • Za'atar (Syria/Lebanon) : course blend with sesame, thyme, coriander and a fresh note from sumak

Marinades for inspirational dishes

  • Copado (Argentina) : spice paste with distinct taste of shallot onion, garlic, thyme, laurel, tomato and marjoram
  • Gochujang (Korea) : glaze marinade with hotness from chili and smooth taste of soy and garlic
  • Pastrami (USA) : glaze marinade with a smooth taste of paprika and coriander
  • Tartare (France) : glaze marinade with a taste of capers, pickled cucumber, horseradish and mustard
  • Tom Yum (Thailand) : spice paste with a fresh taste of lemongrass, ginger, lemon, onion and garlic
  • Teriyaki (Japan) : soy based marinade with ginger and garlic