With a strong entrepreneurial and client-focused heritage, our goal at Solina is to provide customised solutions and generate value for our clients. As a client-centred organisation, we don’t consider ourselves a supplier but a partner. Our task is to understand, anticipate and address our clients’ issues and challenges and work with them to design and develop functional, taste and visual, and nutritional solutions that ensure the satisfaction and the sensorial experience of the final consumer.

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A “Living” Organisation

Solina is constantly evolving on all levels, from the make-up of our teams to the content of our expertise, from the ingredient solutions we develop for meat and fish products, ready-meals, sauces and snacks, veggie and nutritional products– to the advice we give, and always in accordance with client needs. It is an essential part of our identity as what we call a “living organisation.”

A project team for each client

At Solina, each project development is run by a cross-disciplinary team of experts who work closely with our clients at every step. A team includes an account manager with proven experience in the client’s specific sector, technical support and R&D engineers who are professional chefs, flavourists, food technologists, technical engineers or scientists. They combine their skill sets to develop turnkey solutions adapted to the client’s processes and environment.

Working together and sharing       

In order to provide targeted food ingredient solutions, Solina also puts value on knowledge sharing. With local research centres, pilot plants and a 450m² Centre of Excellence equipped with the latest meat industry technology, we can share best practices and run main collaborative research and development projects. Our Centre of Excellence is also a training hub where we invite clients and members of our community to develop skills and expertise in meat industry processes (bowl chopping, maturing, injection, cooking processes), formulation and ingredients.

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The Value of Keeping our Clients Close

Solina’s goal is to stay attuned to the local contexts in which our clients operate. We want to work not only for our clients but with them – as partners.

An ear to the ground

To do this we value geographic proximity, so we have an on-the-field understanding of the environments in which our clients work. This also enables us to provide advice to clients on issues related to regulations, labelling, marketing, and industrialisation, which can vary by country and region. We maintain R&D teams at all of our centres across Europe. This way, we can keep our finger on the pulse of local tastes and market trends, which renders our solutions truly tailor-made.

More flexibility for our clients

Proximity also allows us to offer much more than technical expertise to our clients – whether they operate in the savoury food industry, food service or butchery sectors. It enables us to take care of our clients in a more flexible way. Not only do we appreciate the value of more in-person communication when developing targeted food solutions, but local production allows us to deliver products quickly as well – within 4 or 5 days on average of receiving an order.

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Staying Ahead on Food Trends and R&D

In addition to responding directly to client needs, Solina also aims to anticipate those needs before they materialise. This is why we constantly monitor the market and consumers to identify the latest trends. We also conduct long-term research programmes that are affiliated with various universities, manufacturers, government bodies, digital agencies, laboratories and private research centres. MeatyL@b and Future Food are concrete examples of these ambitious initiatives. These programmes are housed in our pilot plants and in our centre of excellence, keeping us proactive when it comes to delivering innovative concept-based solutions to our clients and helping us stay on the cutting edge of the latest ingredient technology and global food trends.

Research & Development

The added value of our customised concept-based solutions relies on our decentralised approach to R&D. We are committed to keeping up with both the evolution of local tastes and the latest developments in global food innovation. A commitment to functional, pleasurable, healthy food solutions.


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Co-working with our clients

  • CH&Co

    Solina UK invests in training young chefs and providing them with the best products through their brand Essential Cuisine. Solina has partnered with CH&Co to develop a 12 month training academy to help new chefs develop their skills for the future. Let's immerse this unique training programme aiming at serving and bringing value to Chefs accross UK.

  • Chick'n Tin innovation

    Solina has developed the turnkey food concept Chick’n Tin. The concept illustrates how Solina works with long-standing clients to keep them at the forefront of the food industry. Chick’n Tin, a new concept, immediately appealed to Contimax. Travel with Solina teams from France to Poland to discover this unique food innovation which is gaining popularity in Poland and Italy.

  • Meny

    More convenience at the deli counter for Meny.  Solina Denmark partners with retail chain Meny to develop exciting convenience food solutions and boost the appeal of their meat and deli products to bring a fresh and appealing offer to customers. Discover how we work and co-develop customized and trend-led solutions for our Butcher clients in Denmark.

  • Cris-Tim

    Cris-Tim has become a market pioneer with new Clean Label solutions. Cris-Tim called on Solina to help them develop clean label healthy meat products. The changes they made transformed not just their products, but also their sales, making them market innovators in Romania: " The results are extraordinary, as they have certainly brought us a major increase in sales..."