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A new concept for Contimax

Chick’n Tin concept illustrates how Solina’s creative community of food professionals works with long-standing clients to keep them at the forefront of the food industry. With growing demand for convenience and quick yet healthy meal ideas, Solina’s French team came up with Chick’n Tin, a new trend-led concept that immediately appealed to our client Contimax. This major Polish supplier of tinned fish wanted to expand its offer with a healthy meat product, so together we adapted Chick’n Tin to their market. Solina supported Contimax with recipes, taste profiling, production, labelling and marketing to provide a turnkey solution.

Creating value in the poultry sector

We pride ourselves on understanding our clients, delivering innovative food concepts to enhance their product lines. Now we’re creating value in the poultry sector with a new way of presenting chicken inner fillets. “Why not put chicken aiguillettes in a tin, like sardines?” we wondered – and so Chick’n Tin was born.

 We took up the challenge of turning this simple concept into a convenient and healthy product for the supermarket shelves. Organoleptic issues like preserving taste and texture, nutritional questions around health and avoiding additives, the technical challenges of sterilising so tins can be stored at room temperature – all these hurdles were successfully overcome by Solina.

Fanny Legave
Group Communication Manager
This project illustrates all the challenges we face every day, and how we bring a whole creative process to our work. We’re also
very aware of changing trends day to day, so we know what
consumers will want on their plates tomorrow. Chick’n Tin is a great achievement, winning Solina the 2016 Innovation Award
at CFIA in France, the food-processing industry’s major trade fair.
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Bringing “Solina added value” to Contimax

We’re always keen to share best practice and innovations, we got our Polish client Contimax involved at an early stage. As specialists in high-quality tinned fish products, they were an obvious choice. The initial tasting session was very positive, so we joined forces to tailor Chick’n Tin to suit Contimax’s market and consumers. First, our France team provided eight recipes from which to choose the final four. Contimax’s production lines were used to handling fish, so Solina’s technical advice for adapting the facilities was invaluable. Now widely available across Poland, “Soczysta kura”, as the product is called, is also meeting success in Italy – the No. 1 market outside Poland. Hungarian retailers stock it too, and this innovative healthy meal idea will soon be on the shelves in Britain and the USA.  

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Przemysław - General Manager
Solina was at our side right from the beginning until final production. They helped us with technological know-how, analysis, and strategy, showing us the direction to take.
We even consulted them about marketing and the best
way to present our product.