Convenience: an essential way of creating value for clients

One thing to have emerged very clearly from food trends over the last few years is a demand for more convenient, quick and efficient solutions in the form of meal kits, snacks, meal replacements, culinary aids and so on. Today, time is key. Butchers, professionals in the health and nutrition sector and food industry or food service professionals are also looking for partners who can provide them with trend-led food concepts and easy-to-use solutions to optimise their time and meet consumers’ needs for convenient food options. That is exactly how Solina can create value for our clients.

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From saving time to buying time

Modern life can be hectic with much less time to devote to planning and preparing meals. We’re often on the lookout for a quick, fuelling snack. At the same time, however, we still want our food to have that fresh, homemade quality and be a pleasurable experience.

The solution to this new paradigm: quick and convenient food options,  ideal shelf-life, cooking instructions, the right size, the right format that works whatever the time of day. Snacks are also higher quality, tastier and more nutritious.

This is tomorrow’s food. Solina’s role is to assist clients with a “ready” approach.

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Solina’s pulled pork is a convenient concept with multiple benefits for food industry and food service professionals working in hotels, restaurants, supermarket chains and more.
LPB Convenience Pulled Pork

Proactive thinking for innovative turnkey concepts


Straight onto the plate with Solina’s Pulled Pork
Solina’s Pulled Pork is a convenient concept with multiple benefits for food industry and food service professionals working in hotels, restaurants, supermarket chains and more. Easy and convenient to process for our clients, this recipe offers all the tasty juiciness of slow-cooked meat in a turnkey solution which provides brine for the final texture of the meat, spices for the organoleptic profile and sauces for a real sensory experience. Think burgers, or wraps with sauce and salad, for a natural, preservative-free recipe with no additives to be seen.
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Research & Development

The added value of our customised concept-based solutions relies on our decentralised approach to R&D. We are committed to keeping up with both the evolution of local tastes and the latest developments in global food innovation. A commitment to functional, pleasurable, healthy food solutions.


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CO-WORKING with our clients

  • Training British caterer CH&Co

    Solina UK invests in training young chefs and providing them with the best products through their brand Essential Cuisine. Solina has partnered with CH&Co to develop a 12 month training academy to help new chefs develop ...

  • Creating new concepts

    Solina has developed the turnkey food concept Chick’n Tin. The concept illustrates how Solina works with long-standing clients to keep them at the forefront of the food industry. Chick’n Tin, a new concept, ...

  • Helping Meny Butchers (DK)

    More convenience at the deli counter for Meny.  Solina Denmark partners with retail chain Meny to develop exciting convenience food solutions and boost the appeal of their meat and deli products to bring a fresh and appealing ...

  • Helping Cris-Tim (RO)

    Cris-Tim has become a market pioneer with new Clean Label solutions. Cris-Tim called on Solina to help them develop clean label healthy meat products. The changes they made transformed not just their products, but ...