Solina, on the quest to global wellness

Solina develops solutions that helps consumers in their quest to global wellness. Our mission is to create solutions that deliver sensory experiences with products that embrace both mental and physical health. We are committed to supporting every ingredient solution with a nutritional approach. Beyond this, we use our 3-pronged expertise – nutritional, taste/visual and functional to meet the specific needs of the Health and Nutrition sectors.


Nutrition soup

Combining pleasure and nutrition

With Nutrition, Taste and Functionality being our 3 core areas of expertise, Solina is uniquely positioned to develop nutritional food solutions. We develop food products that provide the required nutritional values and properties while offering in terms of texture, taste and formats the pleasure of good food. We want to help the world eat better and our products are developed with nutrition in mind.

Wellbeing is an integral part of our everyday focus and Solina extends this approach via its 2 brands dedicated to the health and nutrition sectors: Laboratoire PYC and Nutrisis.



Serving the nutrition sector

Through Laboratoire PYC, we serve the nutrition sector with food supplements, nutricosmetics, high protein products and sports products.

Laboratoire PYC manufactures nutritional products for beauty, sport and weight management according to client needs and consumer food trends:

  • Beauty – Nutricosmetics are beauty-enhancing food supplements with formulas which are developed from carefully selected ingredients with proven efficacy for skin, hair and nails.
  • Sport – Laboratoire Pyc develops food supplements for sports such as high protein drinks, bars and other snacks.
  • Weight control – This comprises food supplements and meal replacements that deliver quality nutrition while helping with weight control.

Laboratoire PYC also offers custom formulation of high protein products and food supplements along with customised solutions and packaging to client specifications.


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Serving the health sector

Nutrisis is Solina's brand  dedicated to oral nutrition within the healthcare sector, specifically hospitals and retirement homes.

The brand provides innovative and tasty food for medical purposes: dysphagia, autonomy loss, transit disorders, malnutrition, etc.

Nutrisis supplies a range of dehydrated products which have been developed in collaboration with health professionals. Drawing on Solina’s expertise in Taste, Functionality and Nutrition, these products deliver food solutions with the nutrition required and an adapted texture while maintaining the taste of good food.

Our customised solutions include recipes and product support to help you get the best out of our products.


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