Exploring trends to guide food innovation

Every year brings new eating fads, along with deeper social shifts that impact consumer behaviour. Solina nurtures information networks across the food industry, building an up-to-the-minute picture of emerging trends in fields like legislation, demand, logistics and quality – so our clients are future-ready. As well as guiding the design of innovative food products, our trend analysis gives insights into what sensory food experiences people will be clamouring for next year.

Solina’s trend hackers proactively explore emerging currents in foodie culture and new social media behaviours that are fuelling the growing appetite for adventurous, diverse foods. Clients trust us to provide foresight  that help them bridge the distance between predicting nascent demand, and being ready to launch new solutions when the time is right.

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Pursuing hot new trends and inspirations

As a vibrant, multicultural community of adventurous food-lovers, we at Solina live our lives totally immersed in the realm of food – and we love it. New flavours, unusual spices, interesting ingredients or cuisines Exploring them all is a key part of our job.

Picking up insights on the ground

  • We stay on top of official markets and trends data
  • We talk to people in food courts, restaurants, marketplaces
  • We’re the first to taste when new food products hit the shops
  • We keep abreast of any novelties (texture, packaging, organoleptic...)
  • We organise food safaris to explore the food around the world

Food is everywhere, and we’ve always got our “work” hats on.

The value of having our finger on the pulse

With a multidisciplinary approach spanning the entire food development chain, Solina is tuned in at a grassroots level. That means our permanent trend watch is informed by the very latest happenings in each domain.

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Crystallising insights into trend analysis

We help our clients create value by suggesting trend-led creative directions for tomorrow’s food. That way, they can be the first to capitalise on new concepts, new formats, new product uses and opportunities, and stay one step ahead of the competition. Solina produces regular newsletters to update clients on trend forecasts and fluctuations in the world market wether it is about food concept or key raw materials.

Designing trend-led recipes for our clients

The butchery industry and food service clients trust us to anticipate consumers’ tastes and provide value-adding services. For instance, our chefs help butchers minimise their workload and maximise returns. We do this by designing healthy, tasty recipes for them that are on-trend, easy and quick to prepare.

Looking for a customised

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Research & Development

The added value of our customised concept-based solutions relies on our decentralised approach to R&D. We are committed to keeping up with both the evolution of local tastes and the latest developments in global food innovation. A commitment to functional, pleasurable, healthy food solutions.


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CO-WORKING with our clients

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    Solina UK invests in training young chefs and providing them with the best products through their brand Essential Cuisine. Solina has partnered with CH&Co to develop a 12 month training academy to help new chefs develop ...

  • Creating new concepts

    Solina has developed the turnkey food concept Chick’n Tin. The concept illustrates how Solina works with long-standing clients to keep them at the forefront of the food industry. Chick’n Tin, a new concept, ...

  • Helping Meny Butchers (DK)

    More convenience at the deli counter for Meny.  Solina Denmark partners with retail chain Meny to develop exciting convenience food solutions and boost the appeal of their meat and deli products to bring a fresh and appealing ...

  • Helping Cris-Tim (RO)

    Cris-Tim has become a market pioneer with new Clean Label solutions. Cris-Tim called on Solina to help them develop clean label healthy meat products. The changes they made transformed not just their products, but ...